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Not even the burnouts are out here anymore

Mattering matters more then being mature On the 4 walls that surround my bed I see places that work in congruence. One painting is of a Sunday, and a bustle high full of red. Made from tiny dots so close together that they make a memory. Two pictures are reminders of my failures, but tellContinue reading “Not even the burnouts are out here anymore”

I don’t want to watch someone I love die slowly

My mother reminded me two days ago that I’m very lucky to have all 4 of my grandparents still alive. I don’t feel the same way about that Worrying about my friends who are fully healthy, and checking my pulse few times a day are now a way to waste and incase some shame. becauseContinue reading “I don’t want to watch someone I love die slowly”

Songs for Athena: my white elephant

For Athena I made a spotify playlist for all of her blog posts and on here I am going to lay out each song and why I picked them. 1-Introduction: Bundle of Joy (inside out). I chose bundle of joy because Your blog is so positive right from the beginning. It was always uplifting andContinue reading “Songs for Athena: my white elephant”