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Teach a child to share

You raise a child to smile. Now they’ve grown, and don’t know it’s ok to frown

Can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t were used most in your home. Now kept, work, and “we’ll try” are the most used in yours

Predict how a kid will learn through life. Tell me who the abused boy will be when he’s older. Tell me who the paranoid girl is in 30 years. And pray for the one who says they have an answer to this.

What do we do when the kid grows up and decides to break something beautiful. Moms? Dads? Why did ya have to make them such a screw up?

A prayer for the child who’s parents swear they’re “a good kid”. Especially when they are and especially when they aren’t.







Is it beautiful at least? Knowing that it can turn out ok

There has to be a system or equation for all the people to turn out ok

Any person has a chance to take those lessons learned and pages turned and make it into wood for the bridges they have to walk across. I think that’s

Hope? Hope that you teach a child to share and they decide to share love.

*Epilogue *

No. Because then what. They turn out great, they have happy lives and face harder things and find someone who just wants to be as encouraged and seen and loved as they do. So they get together and it’s peace and finally “hygge”. And then their child, their perfect child, who they love, goes, and steals some clothes, then crashes a car, and hurts the ones they love, and they run away, and start fighting and hurting and lying because that’s who they are, and they die on the side of a road from battle wounds. And there’s no closure and no peace and perfect mom and dad who just wanted things to be ok raised this person who’s gone. So who’s to blame, who the hell is to blame. Mom and dad did nothing wrong and poor child was just handed too full of a plate I guess so now because the answer is hard we decide the answer is no. And we move on.

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