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I’m sad again

On September 8th an shift in the earths crust caused an earthquake which struck the Wasatch fault line. It’s no surprise that the event caused major destruction, as it was always going to.

I didn’t know this but apparently in the case of an earthquake the safest place to be is inside of the mountain that the fault runs through. I learned this because I was inside that mountain as the earthquake worked through me. The ground didn’t tare, and no rocks tumbled. The walls didn’t shift, but the cave did shake.

When there’s an earthquake the shaking usually only lasts 10-30 seconds.

Hate to be that guy but heehee that’s wrong

Because everything is still shaking. I’m still falling from the cracks in the ground, with the rocks that slid off the walls.




On September 8th no earthquake came. But now I’m sad again. This is pouring rain, this is paralyzed. This is drunk as hell, this is stay in bed.

Too young to be hurt and too old to be able to feel it.


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