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Heart is driving down the city streets and letting the lights warm you with their awe.

Or it’s driving down the country road, keeping your car lights off because the stars are guiding your path.

Heart is laying on a field, June 22nd, while listening to “On melancholy hill” with your best friend, knowing that ever since you were a kid you wanted something like this

Or it’s laying in her basement after making that pillow fort, and turning on the movie “Zathura” and you’re both falling asleep, but you can feel, more then anything, your hearts are beating as one.

Heart is written all over the walls

Hearts is hidden inside all of our faces

All you have to do is look


4 thoughts on “Expression

  1. the pictures were a nice touch here / I saw you in cinderella / you’re sitting like two rows away from me rn and that’s weird huh / this melancholy hill song is new and different and we’re listening to it right now / and I guess I’m just looking to have real moments and this feels like a real moment / a quiet class full of young writers just waiting for class to start / life to start / Monday to end / life to end / you said that heart is everywhere / all you have to do is look / this is me / trying / to look /

    this song though


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