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I’ll never forget

When we had just gotten on the bus after a long day of lagoon. I put my head on the window, you did the same. These other people were walking onto the bus, I didn’t even notice them. All I heard was you humming that song, and all I could do was hum along

You had a bad day. Stuck in the confines of your headspace. I knew shouting wouldn’t get your attention, so instead I bought a cracker platter. We laid in the snow, and ate all that cheese, and kept warm in our blankets. “And in those moments, I swear we were infinite”

We didn’t have to swim out any further. The sun was going down and the sky was bright orange. Everyones hearts were together as one as we watched our island get forgotten by the sun. “are we going to come back tomorrow”. Of course we couldn’t, there was never enough time. So instead we held our breath once more and let our smiles remember the waves.

Every night a new memory. A new joke, or new song, or new face, or new smell. If it was that late night poker game. Or secret hitler till 2:00. Watching Minutemen after laying on the hammock. I know I will be there again in never, so I am grateful I got to feel forever.

I’ll never forget, these moments are forever.


8 thoughts on “I’ll never forget

      1. i just started reading a book called EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD. it’s a book about creativity. pretty good. you’re a good example of being willing to be weird and different and that will go a long way for you.

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