Some angsty tunes from some angsty dudes

Dear friend,

For the feeling of the laying under the water, watching the waves flow back and forth. Seeing the sun reflect through the ocean, and letting it take your breath away. “Aquatic Ambience”

For the one who just needs to cry. For when you need to swallow the tears, and let yourself feel sad, just so you can go back to feeling happy. “Prom Queen”

For feeling the sun shine on your neck and laying in the flowers. For remembering when you played tag in elementary school, or built a fort outside, and all you wanted to do was stay up late and and dance. “Blue sky”

To the feeling of driving somewhere new with people you love, and you are looking around and just noticing. Those times you only realize you’ve been smiling when you feel it slowly fade from your face. “Chicago”

9 thoughts on “Some angsty tunes from some angsty dudes

    1. Fear is an anomaly, I can’t come up with one song for fear because it needs more context then just “being afraid”. When I’m afraid for things yet to come “wait” by m83. If I’m afraid of expectations (I know it’s cheesy) “the climb” Miley Cyrus. And if I’m feeling afraid and just can’t shake the feeling, I’m going to Minecraft music.

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