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Remember that sub that we had

Dear Friend,

I think people try really hard to say one thing, when they mean something different entirely. So with that in mind, instead of trying to poetically weave my way through your brain and dare you to trip on that string of my thoughts, I’ll just lay out what I’m thinking.

And you can try to pick out some deeper theme or complex motif throughout my various entires.

And maybe you will find something I didn’t even think of. And if you do then Cool! Awesome! Congrats!! (And maybe I’m just saying all this so that I can intentionally hide stuff in my writing and only the really intuitive one’s will find it, but who knows ;-))

With that said, let’s talk about subs, for funzies. Ya know, THOSE people. Generally the age of 50 or above, who waltz into the school, as if they work at the local zoo and they just wrestled 3 elephants, 4 giraffes and 60 penguins at once, and won. Those people who think they are the Zeus to us Hades, which, I mean, come on. We’ve been here for 3 years at this point, we can magician our phones in and out of our hands faster then the neighborhood “bad boy” can chug a can of blue edition red-bull.

I’m sure we all remember the sub we had on Friday, and I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail about the way she walked around the class with her beady eyes and centered in on specific kids to ask if we had more work to do. How clever she must’ve thought she was. Keeping us “Working” or “on task”

I bring this up because…. well, I don’t know why I bring this up. I don’t know why I always have gripes with subs, even if they technically do a “good” job. Maybe next time I have a sub I will be able to lift my “shade throwin shades” and give them a pass. Or, maybe I’ll get the storytelling sub. We all need a healthy serving of the tale of the butterfly who breaks out of it’s cocoon.


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